What’s Going on During Pre-Production?

What’s (really) going on during pre-production? First off all the company needs hands to execute the TV production. Almost the entire crew is freelancers, and reach over 100 people at any given time. In this post, at first we concentrate on just a couple of them. In the preparation phase, also called Pre-production, the TVContinue reading “What’s Going on During Pre-Production?”

Working with Children in TV? Read this first!!

You know what they say about working with children and animals? Well the chaos they may cause is nothing compared to the nightmare that will ensue if you are not aware of the current rules and regulations surrounding working with children (and animals!). We’re concentrating on the two-legged animals in this post – those lovely,Continue reading “Working with Children in TV? Read this first!!”

Applications Open for Broadcast & Production Traineeship

IMG Productions, makers of Superstars and The World’s Strongest Man, amongst many other programmes, is currently taking applications for a 12 month traineeship that pays £20,000 over the year. You’d get on the job training from experienced production personnel and a chance to get your foot firmly in the door of television. Please note theContinue reading “Applications Open for Broadcast & Production Traineeship”

A Video Guide to the Role of a Post Production Runner

What better way to find out what a TV post production runner does than go watch one in action, and what better way to illustrate the job than to put it on video.   My mate Mark Sangster, top editor and a director at Editworks, one of London’s top post production houses, kindly let us into their busy centreContinue reading “A Video Guide to the Role of a Post Production Runner”

So What does a Production Manager do in Television?

So you fancy a job as a Production Manager in television? Then you need to know what it’s all about. The PM is – in my opinion – the  hub of the production and I don’t envy the balance they have to achieve between facilitating the creative ideas (“I need a helicopter for the establishingContinue reading “So What does a Production Manager do in Television?”

Get Interesting Stories onto TV – Making Documentaries with a Difference.

Making TV is all about creativity – plus someone who can organise the ideas and put the practicalities into place to get it to screen – not all creatives can do that. Those that struggle with the practical need to join forces with a business-minded friend/colleague. Anyway the marriage of creativity and business is aContinue reading “Get Interesting Stories onto TV – Making Documentaries with a Difference.”

New Year – New TV Opportunities

Happy New Year – and may it bring whatever opportunities you desire in the world of TV and creative media! Talking of opportunities, I thought we should start the year by highlighting a few – for both the experienced producer and director and those looking for work placements, plus a chance to win Amazon vouchersContinue reading “New Year – New TV Opportunities”

Phillip Schofield, David Cameron and THAT List

Otherwise entitled, The Production, The Presenter & The Press Part 2   (part one is here!).   Was Phillip Schofield to blame for the way in which ITV’s This Morning programme handled the interview with Prime Minister David Cameron? I won’t rehash the details – they are available all over the Internet if you want toContinue reading “Phillip Schofield, David Cameron and THAT List”

How To Get Into Wildlife TV Filming

Some time ago one of our blog or Twitter followers asked about wildlife programming and what a producer did in that type of TV production – sorry, I forget who it is was!  Anyway we went in search of an answer and found Mike Linley at Wildeye – an international school of wildlife filming. MikeContinue reading “How To Get Into Wildlife TV Filming”


I could rant. I could jump on the BBC-bashing bandwagon but that would be too easy. Let’s instead offer up Ten Top TV Lessons to Learn From the BBC’s Production of The Biggest River Pageant Since 1662. So much more positive and constructive!    A Presenter is only as good as the Producer/Production put behindContinue reading “HOW WOULD YOU PRODUCE THE BIGGEST RIVER PAGEANT SINCE 1662?”