TV Experts Wanted

If you have an expertise of any kind there is always a good chance there is a TV programme in need of that expertise.  A good TV expert simply needs to be able to explain their subject area in ways the average, non-academic audience can understand.  Professor Brian Cox is a good example of someoneContinue reading “TV Experts Wanted”

How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter

JOIN OUR LATEST SEMINAR ON HOW TO DEVELOP AND PITCH IDEAS FOR TV CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS June 30th 2016  in  London *** How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter – Join Our Seminar on March 31st 2016!  Small seminar Practical advice  Highly experienced and qualified speakers March 31st 2016 – Soho,Continue reading “How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter”

New TV Show Looking for Contributors

Are you interested in contributing to a new TV programme about health?  If so read on:   Twofour, the makers of ‘Educating Yorkshire’ and ‘The Fixer’ are looking for a family who want the doctor’s help to tackle all their aliments and illnesses. All emails and calls will be treated in strict confidence and thereContinue reading “New TV Show Looking for Contributors”

TV Producers looking for participants in new Health Programme

Do you have an ongoing health condition and interested in discussing it on TV with the help of doctors?   TV Production company, Studio Lambert, the makers of BAFTA Award winning Gogglebox and Undercover Boss are now producing a brand new family health television series for BBC One which will  follow a GP as they immerse themselves into theContinue reading “TV Producers looking for participants in new Health Programme”

How YouTube Made Chris a TV Star

Chris Cohen is a presenter and comedian who credits YouTube for getting him where he is today. Apart from that, he and Justin Bieber have nothing in common! If you fancy your chances with an on-screen role in TV or even if you want to understand how the internet can help you make your markContinue reading “How YouTube Made Chris a TV Star”

How to Make an Impact at TV Audition or Interview

Here it is – as promised – part two of successful author, hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Annie Ashdown’s guide to making a strong presentation at those all important television 0r film auditions or job interviews.  You can read part one HERE. Over to Annie:   Ok, so here’s the thing.. Imagine your big moment hasContinue reading “How to Make an Impact at TV Audition or Interview”

Why Annie didn’t let the bullies put her off her dream of a TV career…

It can be a hard slog developing a career in front of the camera as a TV presenter or expert and there is one person you ABSOLUTELY need on your side if you are to succeed – yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you can hardly expect anyone else to.  There are always obstaclesContinue reading “Why Annie didn’t let the bullies put her off her dream of a TV career…”

Happy Anniversary, ITV Weather!

Sian Lloyd, one of the nation’s favourite television weather reporters, gives this account of 25 years of ITV weather:   “We’ve been putting out the bunting and popping the champagne corks at our Weather Studio. Yes, the ITV National Weather service has reached the grand old age of twenty five. There’s back patting a plentyContinue reading “Happy Anniversary, ITV Weather!”

Why you need Confidence to Work in TV (part 2)

It was ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent that inspired the first discussion of why confidence is so important for those wanting to work – or already working – in TV. The current X-Factor series prompts part two with a lesson in building confidence from an expert – inspirational speaker, executive coach and author, Nicci Roscoe.  Continue reading “Why you need Confidence to Work in TV (part 2)”

What Does a TV Presenter Do Between Jobs…?

… create their own media, of course!   Working in TV is fun but very fickle, as anyone currently in between jobs and worrying about where the next one is coming from will know! My advice has always been to spend those dry times working on your own ideas, your own media or art. NotContinue reading “What Does a TV Presenter Do Between Jobs…?”