How to be an ‘authentic’ storyteller in the media.

The joy of modern media is the opportunity it gives to everyone to spread their message, whatever that message may be. There is nothing to stop any of you picking up a camera and making your own media.  In these unsettled times, when governments are discussing how to monitor and manage the negative messages aContinue reading “How to be an ‘authentic’ storyteller in the media.”

Could You Make a Winning Short Film?

The fourth instalment of The ADCAN Awards has been announced and the competition is set to go global with the final of the competition now taking place in Los Angeles. The free-to-enter competition invites unsigned creative, filmmakers and animators from across the globe to select a brief of their choice from one six the charities, andContinue reading “Could You Make a Winning Short Film?”

How to Pitch Stories, Make Contacts and Find Work as a Journalist

Having a profile as a journalist or writer with strong ideas is a great way to qualify for entry into TV. Whether you want to work in TV or write for print publications then brushing up on your writing skills is essential.  More importantly you need to know how to sell a story to editors andContinue reading “How to Pitch Stories, Make Contacts and Find Work as a Journalist”

How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter

JOIN OUR LATEST SEMINAR ON HOW TO DEVELOP AND PITCH IDEAS FOR TV CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS June 30th 2016  in  London *** How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter – Join Our Seminar on March 31st 2016!  Small seminar Practical advice  Highly experienced and qualified speakers March 31st 2016 – Soho,Continue reading “How to Sell Yourself as a TV Expert or Presenter”

What to do with your Brilliant TV Idea

  Do you have a great idea for a new TV programme? You are not alone. There are very many of us with brilliant ideas convinced they are destined to a great – and profitable – future. However getting your idea sold to a TV broadcaster is about as easy as getting a publisher to accept your first manuscript!Continue reading “What to do with your Brilliant TV Idea”

How to Get Your Business in the Press – For Free!

If you are a small business or start-up then you may find radio presenter Veena’s latest venture Mum To Millionaire useful.  Veena is a mum herself with lots of ideas and a passion for setting them up and making them happen. She asked me to contribute to her podcast series which provides advice for peopleContinue reading “How to Get Your Business in the Press – For Free!”

Two Exciting Job Opportunities In TV…

There are two exciting opportunities up for grabs at the moment in the UK – one for those with a disability and the other for new entrants looking for a creative internship. DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIP Potato (ITV Studios) is offering a brand new internship scheme in their development team. Potato has an impressive slate of successfulContinue reading “Two Exciting Job Opportunities In TV…”

So You Want to Set Up Your Own TV Independent Production Company?

So you have years of TV production experience behind you, you are full of bright ideas, got some contacts in television commissioning and decided it’s time to branch out on your own. Independent Production Company here I come – along with fame and fortune, or at least fortune.  You get to keep the production feeContinue reading “So You Want to Set Up Your Own TV Independent Production Company?”

When Television Met Theatre….

Creativity is the lifeblood of television – indeed any media.  You know how much we love a brilliant idea around here! In this fascinating internet age the walls between different genres of media are breaking down and there is nothing more satisfying than to meet a team of people who are fully exploiting those creativesContinue reading “When Television Met Theatre….”


What do you really think about British TV today?  Brave, creative, breaking boundaries? Or dull, repetitive and safe? I was senior manager at ITV just as the multi-channel environment and onslaught of Internet media was threatening the figures – both financial and viewing – of mainstream British broadcasters. As always when innovation arrives it’s theContinue reading “BRITISH TV – BRAVE OR BORING?”